Monday, March 5, 2012

Date Night Part Duex

I know, I know, I said we "rarely" have date nights. It just happened to work out again this past weekend. We met some friends for dinner and then went to a concert sans kids! We saw the Hawaiian band HAPA, where we brought down the average age in attendance to a whopping 57! It was fun though, and it brings back memories of our many trips to Hawaii, and of course our wedding. I also saw it as an opportunity to wear another fun ensemble, and seriously stood out in the crowd. It was almost humorous, as just about everyone was sporting an aloha shirt c/o Tommy Bahama or the ABC store. Then there was me, in sparkly shoes and a skirt that is probably too tight. I got a few strange looks, nothing new, but then there was this one elderly lady who in the line at the bathroom gasped and said "MY, that is a FABULOUS outfit!". I respectfully thanked her and left the bathroom with a satisfied smile on my face, as the other ladies rolled their eyes. Oh well, can't please 'em all!

 Top OC Melrose, Skirt Zara, Shoes Miu Miu, Necklace Chanel


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