Sunday, February 21, 2010


My mom and I decided this winter that we were in need of a quick escape to London, for some theatre, shopping, and the pub scene. I brought Adella, and Matt (aka "buck") met us over there too. Tim decided to stay home so it was just a short little family trip. Adella did extremely well while we were there, and she slept about 8 hours of the 10 1/2 hour flight on the way over. We stayed right across from Green Park so we spent a day walking around Buckingham Palace and St. James's park, she saw the London Eye and Big Ben.... Parliament!

Adella got a little taste of what it would be like to live in cold weather, poor thing had to be bundled up everyday and didn't quite understand it, I don't know how mom's do it! She would just nap in the stroller as we cruised around the city and loved all the "chips". We were walking distance to Picadilly Circus and Oxford Street, so we treated Adella to a morning at Hamleys, which put FAO Shwarz to shame. Each floor of the store was dedicated to a different theme, but Adella being the little dork that she is couldn't get her nose out of the books ;).

I have a bunch of pictures to download, but our cord, along with everything else is packed. So here is a pic Buck captured with his iphone, while Adella was shopping at Selfridges.

New House (for real this time)

As most of you know by now, Tim and I have finally bought a new home! We are set to close escrow and start moving on Monday. It's about one mile from where we live now and a mile from J&T's house. We decided to hold off on telling everyone just in case it fell through again, and it has been quite a roller coaster ride with this one. It seems as though the banks policies were changing on an hourly basis and we were running paperwork back and forth nearly everyday for weeks (45 days) ! But all is well now and our current place is all packed up and ready to move. Below is a link to a shutterfly album with a bunch of photo's. It is right on the end of a cul de sac, and we even found a secret park when we went for a walk down the street, so it will be perfect for the kids! Luckily we don't have to do much if any work to it, just painting!

Bebe #2

We have had a lot going on over the past couple of months and it's only going to get busier. Just thought I would write a quick update on bebe #2's progress. I am now 15 weeks along, though I look more like 24... whattyagonado. I'm feeling pretty good and more energetic. During our 12 week screening we got a slight peek at "the goods" and as the technician said it's "looking boyish"! We were sure it was just going to be another girl, and have loads of Adella's clothes ready, but Lexi gets to go shopping! We are thrilled to be having a boy (as long as nothing falls off) and can't wait for sports, trains and fire trucks. I wanted to upload a photo of the ultrasound but they have all been packed away (that's another post) so here is a pic from of what a typical 15 week bebe looks like. I have another ultrasound next week so hopefully I should get some good pics then!


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