Friday, December 11, 2009

Candy cane

I had no idea how messy a candy cane could possibly get. Adella enjoyed her first one today..

Christmas Mousse

I had the opportunity to go to a chocolate tasting party last month, which was pretty much the best party idea ever, and one of the things I picked up was mousse mix. I'm not normally a big mousse fan, but this stuff is awesome! So Adella got to enjoy licking the bowl after I was done mixing, and made chocolate smudge marks all over the cabinets, of which I have yet to clean off. I have so many memories of loving bowls, spoons, mixers, and everything else that is used to make goodies, so it was fun re-living it with her again.

Christmas Tree Hunting

We have all been battling a cold over the past 2 weeks and most of us, (not all) are feeling much better now. We decided to find our Christmas tree at one of the local stands and managed to get a pretty good one that fits in our house. There was another couple checking it out and decided to pass, so I swooped in and stuck a glove on it. The biggest accomplishment of the evening was Adella finding a stick and waving it around everywhere. I wasn't able to get many pictures, and don't worry we did NOT have our tree flocked. Still can't believe people out here do that!

Fire Hydrants

She is slightly obsessed...


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