Friday, December 11, 2009

Candy cane

I had no idea how messy a candy cane could possibly get. Adella enjoyed her first one today..

Christmas Mousse

I had the opportunity to go to a chocolate tasting party last month, which was pretty much the best party idea ever, and one of the things I picked up was mousse mix. I'm not normally a big mousse fan, but this stuff is awesome! So Adella got to enjoy licking the bowl after I was done mixing, and made chocolate smudge marks all over the cabinets, of which I have yet to clean off. I have so many memories of loving bowls, spoons, mixers, and everything else that is used to make goodies, so it was fun re-living it with her again.

Christmas Tree Hunting

We have all been battling a cold over the past 2 weeks and most of us, (not all) are feeling much better now. We decided to find our Christmas tree at one of the local stands and managed to get a pretty good one that fits in our house. There was another couple checking it out and decided to pass, so I swooped in and stuck a glove on it. The biggest accomplishment of the evening was Adella finding a stick and waving it around everywhere. I wasn't able to get many pictures, and don't worry we did NOT have our tree flocked. Still can't believe people out here do that!

Fire Hydrants

She is slightly obsessed...

Friday, November 27, 2009


Tim had to work again this year for Thanksgiving, so we went up to his firehouse for the day. They make the most amazing spread and we don't even have to lift a finger. Adella loved checking everything out and climbing in the truck, she kept very busy all day. Here are a bunch of pics from yesterday. Hope everyone had a great day!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sneak Peak...

Here is a little "sneak peak" of our Holiday card photo shoot :). This was no easy task and I can once again understand why we hire professionals. I should add that it was about 80 degrees when I was trying to take pictures of her all bundled up. Our Christmas cards will be in the mail very soon...

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Adella was a Lady Bug this year for Halloween and was very good about wearing her costume for a couple of hours. (after a bit of practice of course) She loves to look at herself in the mirror, so anytime she gets dressed or puts on jewelry, I tell her to "go look in the mirror" and she proudly prances over the check herself out. It's the cutest thing... We did a little trick or treating around my parents neighborhood, and ours, and she managed to get a good amount of candy for mama and dada to enjoy!


We have been getting many requests to start blogging again, so after a brief hiatus, we are back! It is amazing watching Adella grow and we can't believe how much has changed in that last 15 1/2(ish) months. She has a lot to say and is yapping away all day. Some of her new favorite words are "beach", "please", "wawa", and "yaya" (pacifier, or what we call a "soysa") She has started repeating everything we say, so now we really have to watch our mouths, and understands so much more than she actually speak. Here are a few pictures from our day at Tanaka Farms, picking Adella's Halloween pumpkin. More to come!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Family Photo's Link

Here is a link to the gallery of family photo's we had taken for Adella's 1st birthday.

I promise to write a new blog post soon with updates. So much has happened in the past 2 weeks!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Family Photo's

We decided to have some photo's taken of the three of us for Adella's 1st Birthday. It's always nice having a professional, who knows what they are doing, take pictures rather than Tim holding the camera out in front of us.... Here is a link to a blog post with some of the pictures taken by Ginette of Sundin Photography.

We had so much fun working with Ginette!! She is also a mom and was so patient with us and Adella, especially when I was running about 1/2 hour behind and Adella was teething! She is so creative and full of great ideas, we will definitely be using her in the future and is now our new "family photographer".

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Walking Video

Video to prove it...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Little Mermaid


Beach Days

We have been trying to get to the beach just about everyday this summer. Adella loves going to the beach and gets so excited as soon as she see's the water.

We bring down a little baby pool and fill it up with ocean water to keep her occupied and out of the ocean for a bit. She loves playing in the ocean but it's pretty rough here and kills our backs after a while.

Our set up

Standing by herself

She wasn't happy about that...


Sort of...

Well she took her first steps on Sunday, but isn't full on walking. It started out with just stumbling on to Tim and I. Then we encouraged her to take a few more and she gained the confidence to walk all the way to us. Later that night she was cruising around my parents house all by herself :*( She's getting so big!

We had to distract her by giving her a book or keys to hold on to in order to get her to walk. Since Sunday she has walked a bit but we still kind of start from scratch... she needs encouragement and works her way up to more and more steps. It's funny how excited she gets when praised, and will clap for herself.

Disneyland Birthday

Here are some pictures from our day at Disneyland...

We started out having lunch at an Italian restaurant at California Adventure. That way we (Tim);) could have a bottle of wine in preparation for all the craziness that is Disneyland. Adella had her first cake there. They brought out a princess cake in a treasure chest with little toys. She was kind of scared by the singing and the lit candle, and didn't seem to like the cake very much. But it made for some good pictures.

After a few rides at California Adventure we headed over to Disneyland and went on a few more. Then it was time for a nap so we went over to downtown disney for a celebratory martini!

It's a small world...
Mickey lollipops are good
On the shortest ride in California Adventure...
A little freaked out by the singing and cake
Make a wish!
Enjoying the sugary syrup but not the cake


It was Adella's 1st Birthday on Thursday!! We can't believe how quickly the year has passed and that it is almost time for another... yikes!

We started out the day opening a few presents and playing with all of the balloons that covered the floor. Our friends Danny and Maria came over with Adella's BFF Devon for a pancake breakfast (Adella's favorite) before we headed out to Disneyland for the day. Adella's favorite gift was a playhouse we bought for her which is basically 20+ toys in one. Its an obnoxious thing, with ugly primary colors and a total eye sore in any room, but she loves it and it has been worth every penny.

We lucked out with the weather, it had been so hot here and finally cooled down a bit with a nice ocean breeze. By cool down I mean the low 80's rather than 90's....

We want to thank everyone for all of the calls and songs on her birthday! It was a hectic, busy day so we weren't able to get to the phone but we really appreciate everyone thinking of her on her 1st birthday!

Here are a few pictures from her birthday morning...

This was taken just moments after she was surprised with decorations and presents.
Her new ride-on bee :)

Adella and Devon playing with the new "house"

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Adella's Closet

We have hit so many milestones in the last couple of weeks, I don't even know where to begin...

Adella has learned how to pull herself up on just about everything. We are greeted every morning and after every nap to her standing in her crib yapping and pointing to all the pacifiers she threw out. It's a new game that we're not too happy about, as it cuts about an hour off of her sleep time. Normally she would suck on her pacifier and sleep till about 8:30 or 9 but NOW she likes to throw everything out of her crib, watch it drop to the ground, point at it, then cry for it... between 6:30-7:30 am.

She loves the stairs and flocks to them all day so we had to install gates to keep her off. Now she holds onto the gates, points at the stairs, and does her little gurgle sound that she makes when she wants something.

Adella's two top teeth have popped through, with a gap and all... (something Tim forgot to mention he had when he was little)They are huge too!!

I can't remember if I mentioned this before but she knows how to give a high five. A couple of days ago I asked her where her toes were and she pointed and grabbed them... so now it's a new game we play "Where are your toes?". We're working on eyes, nose and mouth, but it gets a little confusing.

She gives kisses now, or leans in to kind of give a kiss when asked for one. "Doggy" and "Dadda" are still her favorite words, but I get a "Mama" every once in a while.

ANNNNNDDDD I have successfully weaned!! It all started about a week ago, we gradually added whole milk to bottles and now it's almost 100% whole milk.

It's kind of sad.... all these huge things happening all at once.

One of Adella's most favorite places to play is in her closet :). She LOVES to pull out all of her shoes and try to get them on, as well as look through all the lovely pieces hanging. I don't blame her, it's one of my most favorite things to do as well. It just makes me happy.


Adella recently had her first taste of watermelon, and now I have been sure to always have one on hand...

Monday, July 6, 2009

11 months

Only one more month until the big 1st BIRTHDAY!!!!

Tim and I have decided not to have a big birthday party for Adella, we're going to save that one for when she turns 2. Instead we plan on spending the day at Disneyland / California Adventure, as we are annual passport holders now :) You can have a little birthday party lunch at one of the restaurants where they will bring a mini 4" cake and characters will sing happy birthday. It's more for our enjoyment, Tim loves Disneyland and Adella doesn't quite "get it" yet. Her Birthday is on a Thursday so hopefully we will avoid the crazy summer weekend rush... but who knows.

Adella is getting really good at crawling and is all over the place. It was a lot easier when we could just plop her down on the ground and know she would be there for a while. So now I am mopping and vacuuming just about everyday! Almost everyday... She eats just about everything now and loves to try whatever we are having. She still points at everything and will even do a double point. We're not positive but it seems like she knows our names, mama and dada. We have a little baby album that we put pictures in and practice saying names. She claps and bobs to music and laughs at everything. Still not quite walking yet, she could do it on her own but needs to build up confidence. But we're OK with that... not ready for walking yet!! And I am on the final countdown of nursing days.... almost done!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Here is a link to a bunch of recent photo's on shutterfly, click below.

July 4th

Tim and I found out Leslee was going to Palm Springs for the 4th to stay at her friends house and somehow we (Tim) managed to impose on their trip and tag along... We had so much fun there and it was soo relaxing for all of us. We needed it after all the craziness of flying back east with Adella. We spent two days there playing in the pool and enjoying Rich and Heidi's amazing house. Adella did so well there and surprisingly loved crawling around on the sprawling floors. (Her crawl space is limited at our house) She had her first popsicle with the help of Tim and somehow ended up having more than just one! We got her a little kiddie pool that was put in the shade for her to hang out in while we basked in the desert sun. We took a whole bunch of pictures and I am currently uploading them to shutterfly. Will post the link once the 300+ photo's have been uploaded but here are a few in the mean time...

The house
Probably the coolest chair I have ever seen and Adella made it even coolah
Ahhh the good life
Sticky, sweaty, popsicle, palm springs hair

Staying coo in the poo
This was NOT my idea... to put a naked baby on a white italian leather couch


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