Friday, November 27, 2009


Tim had to work again this year for Thanksgiving, so we went up to his firehouse for the day. They make the most amazing spread and we don't even have to lift a finger. Adella loved checking everything out and climbing in the truck, she kept very busy all day. Here are a bunch of pics from yesterday. Hope everyone had a great day!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sneak Peak...

Here is a little "sneak peak" of our Holiday card photo shoot :). This was no easy task and I can once again understand why we hire professionals. I should add that it was about 80 degrees when I was trying to take pictures of her all bundled up. Our Christmas cards will be in the mail very soon...

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Adella was a Lady Bug this year for Halloween and was very good about wearing her costume for a couple of hours. (after a bit of practice of course) She loves to look at herself in the mirror, so anytime she gets dressed or puts on jewelry, I tell her to "go look in the mirror" and she proudly prances over the check herself out. It's the cutest thing... We did a little trick or treating around my parents neighborhood, and ours, and she managed to get a good amount of candy for mama and dada to enjoy!


We have been getting many requests to start blogging again, so after a brief hiatus, we are back! It is amazing watching Adella grow and we can't believe how much has changed in that last 15 1/2(ish) months. She has a lot to say and is yapping away all day. Some of her new favorite words are "beach", "please", "wawa", and "yaya" (pacifier, or what we call a "soysa") She has started repeating everything we say, so now we really have to watch our mouths, and understands so much more than she actually speak. Here are a few pictures from our day at Tanaka Farms, picking Adella's Halloween pumpkin. More to come!


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