Thursday, October 30, 2008

Adella & Devon

Adella's new friend Devon came over today for their second playdate. Devon is Danny and Maria's daughter, born on September 27th... almost made it to my birthday!! They were SO cute together!! Adella still doesn't have complete control of her arms and kept whacking Devon, and all Devon was trying to do was suck on Adella's arm! They were also holding hands, awwww!! Here are a few pics... well more than a few!




Sunday, October 26, 2008

Adella is growing so much every day. Just in the past week she learned to roll over, from her back to her belly and her belly to her back. The first few times she was too shy to perform in front of Dad, and someone didn't believe she could actually do it... won't mention any names! She has also graduated to the next size diaper... AGAIN!! Adella is obsessed with her hands, she can grasp a rattle with them and surprise herself with the sounds she makes, and loves to suck on them. Her sleeping schedule is getting better too, she sleeps anywhere from 5-8 hours a night. FINALLY. Here are a few pics from this past week...
We LOVE this red romper from the Rubin's. It has been perfect for this dry hot weather we are having.

This one is for those of you who can't kiss her perfectly chubby cheeks on an hourly basis... go ahead kiss that screen!

Now I have a major blow out to take care of... 

Sunday, October 19, 2008

More weekend pictures...

Birthday weekend!

This weekend we celebrated Tanya's Birthday, her 38th Birthday for the 20th time (as she puts it). Erik & Melissa came down to celebrate too!

3 generations, and we could all use a good hawaiian tan!

Melissa getting some good practice!

This is NOT a hawaiian plumeria, it's from a huge plant in their backyard!

A classic position for Adella...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Beach Day!

Adella had her first day at the beach when Emma was here visiting. No more throwing on a swimsuit and heading down to the beach in a minute, now it's quite a production. But we're getting her ready for two weeks in Hawaii over Thanksgiving. The santa ana's were blowing and it was really hot so we didn't last long. I had to tuck myself into her baby tent to feed her, as she woke up every time the trains went by, and woke up hungry. But we managed to snap a couple of pictures in between all the drama!

2 Months!

We have been so busy the past couple of weeks with so many visitors that we have neglected our blog. So here is a quick update with everything Adella. She had her 2 month appointment and put on 2 pounds and one inch (in one month)! She graduated to her own nursery, as she was bunking in with us, and now sleeps through most of the night, usually getting up once to eat. She is smiling all the time and talking more everyday, well her version of talking... gurgles and coo's. Here are a few pictures over the past few weeks!






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