Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hawaii Part Duex

Just a few more pictures from our trip...

Adella's first shave ice!

Even before we left Adella was talking non stop about seeing Hula Dancers... So we walked down to the Royal Hawaiian Resort one night, where they have a Luau a few nights out of the week. We were able to get a nice view of the entertainment from a grassy area near the pool. Adella was thrilled to finally see all of the dancers, and poor Nolan was struggling because we had to stay up WAY past their bed time to get a peek...

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Nolan's Blessing

Before we left for Hawaii, we planned to have a blessing ceremony for Nolan at the Mauna Lani, just as we did for Adella the last time we were there. Danny Akaka took the time to bless Nolan, and we were able to do it on a day when Tutu was there too. This time around we did it by the Ewa Parker Woods cottage, since the tsunami wiped away most of the beach by the canoe hut... which is where Adella was blessed. We had a nice dinner by the beach before the ceremony, where Adella and Nolan indulged in some delicious mac & cheese, and we had pre-celebratory mai tai's. Nolan was blessed just as the sun was setting and a light breeze kept us all comfortable throughout the ceremony. It was perfect!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hawaii Part 1

Aloha! We're baaaack. Our trip to Hawaii was wonderful. We stayed at Pops and Tutu's condo in Kona, and spent our days at the beach relaxing and playing with the kids. It was so nice to get away for a while and just spend time with the kids, not feeling like we needed to get things done around the house. We grilled fresh fish just about every night, and packed lunches for the beach everyday. Our favorite beach for the kids is a small protected cove right by the Four Seasons called Kukio, but we also took them to the Mauna Kea and of course our favorite place, the Mauna Lani.

Adella and I learned how to make lei's at the Mauna Lani

We spent a day exploring the grounds at the Mauna Lani, where Adella got to get up and close to sea turtles and sharks.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Nolan took his first steps by himself today!! He turned 10 months yesterday (monthly photo coming soon) and all the excitement of being around the loud trucks and lights must have sparked his confidence. It was pretty cool that it happened at the firehouse so that Tim and everyone there could see... including Pops ;o) . Now we're REALLY going to have to keep our eyes on him at all times. Here is a quick video...

Fathers Day

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!! But wait... every day is "Father's Day". We're back from Hawaii (blog post coming soon) and Tim went off to work for a few days including today. So I brought Pops and the kids up to the firehouse for a delicious breakfast, and rides on the trucks. All of the kids were loving the excitement of riding on the engine (including Pops)... and me! AND we have a very big announcement to follow... Happy Dada & Pops Day!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

9 Months!

Nolan is 9 months!! He recently cut 6 teeth... at the same time. The poor kid was drooling and snotty for a couple of weeks, and is just now getting back to normal. I know I always say this, but he is huge. He is now able to walk by holding one hand, and still crawls around the house with the greatest of speed and determination. His personality is really starting to show, he loves being loved, and is so snuggly. Nolan enjoys playing catch and destroying anything and everything that he comes in contact with. A perfect boy :) .


Adella, AKA "Ariel", has been taking swimming lessons for the past few weeks in preparation for our trip to Hawaii. The progress she has made is pretty incredible. She loves jumping out to us kicking her feet, she dives for rings, jumps into the pool and pulls herself out. We'll continue with lessons for the rest of the summer (gulp)and start back up once we get back from our trip. This video is of her first time using fins.


correction... ALOHA!!! It's been over 2 years, the whole traveling with kids and new house purchase had taken over, until now. We're off to Kona for 10 days!!


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