Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mary and Mary and Bert

THIS WAS THE BEST DISNEY DAY EVER!!! Adella has the habit of wearing a princess dress whenever we go to Disney, but on this day she chose to wear her white Mary Poppins dress that Santa brought. We stumbled upon Bert while walking towards Small World, and he told us the Mary would be out shortly... that she was currently tutoring the children. So we came back a while later and spotted Mary strolling around with Bert. I grabbed Adella and whisked her over to them, Mary was thrilled to see her! She said that she had heard all about Adella from Bert and that she would like to take her for a walk around the park. So they held hands and headed off for a 20 MINUTE WALK AROUND THE PARK. It was amazing. Tim and I trailed behind with Nolan, snapping photos in awe of what was going on. Mary stayed in character the whole time (of course) and chatted with Adella as they went to go look at the teacups, checked to see if the mad hatter and white rabbit were home, and blew kisses and wishes into the wishing well. I think Mary was thrilled to have a little girl dressed up as her, and politely paid no mind to any other kids that approached her, it was all about Adella. During their walk they got swarmed by "paparazzi" or international tourists that were also amazed at the mini Mary. There were a few times when I could tell that Adella was getting a bit overwhelmed, but Mary did a great job at keeping her comfortable and entertained. Even Nolan joined in for the fun and held Mary's hand during their walk, he was happily skipping along until Bert offered his hand... Nolan wanted nothing to do with Bert.

This was such an amazing experience for all of us, and makes the years of annual passports well worth it!!

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