Sunday, September 18, 2011

Monthly Photo

Here is Nolan's 1 year photo!! His personality is really starting to shine now, and he is talking more and more every day. Lately it's been "Eye, EYE, eYEE, EYE...." over and over again, in his raspy boy voice. According to our pediatrician we now have two "talkers" on our hands. Nolan is still off of the charts in height and weight, and he is running all over the place now. He doesn't sit still very often, only to take an occasional bite of food, but even then he is constantly moving. We have discovered that he is a total red head, or as we like to say "strawberry blonde", all thanks to tutu's genes ;o) . We always have to keep an eye on him, as he will throw anything handed to him and hit with anything that resembles a stick... he's got quite an arm!

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