Monday, August 8, 2011

Adella's 3rd Birthday!!

Adella is 3!!!

We hosted a small "Princess Party" for Adella and her best friends on her birthday this year. It was the first real birthday party that we've had for her, so we decided to make it as girly and pink as possible! Princess Cinderella was kind enough to celebrate with us and kept the kids entertained for almost 2 hours. She was bombarded by the kids upon entering, they were all so excited to see a REAL princess! Cinderella read them stories, sang to them (she had a BEAUTIFUL voice) taught them how to be princesses, and did their make-up. And she never once broke character, we were amazed!! Adella was thrilled with everything, and Nolan slept through most of it ;o). All of the parents who came enjoyed some light appetizers and.... a keg! I had a blast planning this party for her, and Tim supported all of my crazy idea's. Here are photo's of all the decorations, and a separate post of the kids will follow. Enjoy!

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