Saturday, June 25, 2011

Nolan's Blessing

Before we left for Hawaii, we planned to have a blessing ceremony for Nolan at the Mauna Lani, just as we did for Adella the last time we were there. Danny Akaka took the time to bless Nolan, and we were able to do it on a day when Tutu was there too. This time around we did it by the Ewa Parker Woods cottage, since the tsunami wiped away most of the beach by the canoe hut... which is where Adella was blessed. We had a nice dinner by the beach before the ceremony, where Adella and Nolan indulged in some delicious mac & cheese, and we had pre-celebratory mai tai's. Nolan was blessed just as the sun was setting and a light breeze kept us all comfortable throughout the ceremony. It was perfect!

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