Sunday, January 16, 2011

SoCal Snow Day

The community we live in hosts events throughout the year for residents, and this past weekend was the annual "Snow Day". We arrived early and watched the hired snow making company shred up the huge ice blocks and set up the hills for sledding. It was Adella and Nolan's first time ever touching real snow, or somewhat real.... and we invited some friends to join us for the day too. Tim wasn't able to sled because of his injury, and Adella wasn't thrilled with sledding, so we only went down the bunny hill a few times. She thought it was too cold, a true socal girl. The best part was that it was in the low 80's and no shoveling or winter gear was required.

Adella's friend Parker catching some air on the big hill.

The day ended with lot's of provided doughnut holes and a coffee bar that we took full advantage of. Can't wait till next year!!

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