Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 4th

Tim and I found out Leslee was going to Palm Springs for the 4th to stay at her friends house and somehow we (Tim) managed to impose on their trip and tag along... We had so much fun there and it was soo relaxing for all of us. We needed it after all the craziness of flying back east with Adella. We spent two days there playing in the pool and enjoying Rich and Heidi's amazing house. Adella did so well there and surprisingly loved crawling around on the sprawling floors. (Her crawl space is limited at our house) She had her first popsicle with the help of Tim and somehow ended up having more than just one! We got her a little kiddie pool that was put in the shade for her to hang out in while we basked in the desert sun. We took a whole bunch of pictures and I am currently uploading them to shutterfly. Will post the link once the 300+ photo's have been uploaded but here are a few in the mean time...

The house
Probably the coolest chair I have ever seen and Adella made it even coolah
Ahhh the good life
Sticky, sweaty, popsicle, palm springs hair

Staying coo in the poo
This was NOT my idea... to put a naked baby on a white italian leather couch

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