Sunday, June 7, 2009

10 Months

Adella turned 10 months yesterday!! Only two more months till the big 1st Birthday... so crazy!!

We have been so busy lately (not that are ever NOT busy) but it's been a little crazier as we are preparing for the new house. Tim has been working just about every other day or for two days, home for one, then another two. It seems like everyday we get another huge package of paperwork to sign and return to the escrow company. We haven't even started to think about packing yet, but luckily we didn't unpack much from our last move.

Adella and I went to the pool today, it was the first time she had been in a pool since our trip to Hawaii. She was a little scared at first but adjusted quickly and started splashing around and yapping to all the other kids. 

She is doing really well eating normal food on her own. Some of her favorite foods include pesto pasta, rotisserie chicken, pancakes, mango's and avocado's. 

Adella creeps along on the furniture and is pretty confident on her own. She can even stand on by herself for about 30 seconds but gets upset because she is afraid to move on her own. She still isn't quite crawling yet, she can get around but doesn't lift her tummy up off of the floor. Adella gently waves hello and good bye. She points at EVERYTHING and everyone. She is starting to get the meaning of "no" but doesn't always abide by it... wonder who she gets that from?

We haven't gone back to our bootcamp classes yet, I am still in physical therapy for my injuries and am going crazy not being able to work out. Hopefully this week we can start going back, slowly. I think Adella misses all the other kids too. 

My little creeper is creeping over as I write and it's time for dinner. We're getting excited for all the festivities coming up this summer and can't wait to see everyone!!

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