Saturday, July 26, 2008

2 More weeks

So it looks like it will be another couple of weeks before she is here. The doctor said she has dropped more but not much else has changed. Please leave any suggestions and old wives tales on how to get labor going.... we're ready for her to be here. The doctor suggested I take walks on hills or on the beach.

Also, Tim rolled his ankle while "exercising" at work last week, turns out he fractured his ankle and is off on injury leave for about 4-6 weeks.... perfect timing! Poor guy, it's not easy lounging by the pool with a bottle of wine everyday. Now if only she would come a little early...


Cassandra Dieterle Photography said...


Beautiful pictures! Wish we were there to photograph this special time in your life!


Cassandra Dieterle

The McGrath's said...

I can't believe only a couple of weeks left! One of my friends told me that eating fresh parsley (a bunch of it) helps to induce labor. Who knows if it's true... but it couldn't hurt. Poor Tim, but great timing! Keep me posted :)


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